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Serpa Open Museum invites you to rediscover, in their natural locations, the objects, the themes and the information presented in the museums. These spaces are distributed in a network throughout the Territory and will help you interpret the Cultural Significance of the notable points, which is found in the place itself, in its fabric, surroundings, use, associations, meanings, records, related objects and places. Museums and interpretive centres reveal the aesthetic, historical, scientific, social or spiritual value for past, present and future generations.

Municipal Museum of Archaeology

Recently updatedn offers visitors a renewed exhibition model that reveals the most ancient origins of this beautiful municipality (...)

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Vila Verde de Ficalho Museum

Housed in Vila Verde de Ficalho’s Old São Jorge Church, a building from the second half of the sixteenth century, is  (...)


Old Grinding


Old factory building that has been added two buildings, now house the Musibéria -  International Centre for Music and Dance of the Iberian World (...)


Municipal Museum of Ethnography

Currently undergoing requalification works, will soon present its collection in a renovated exhibition model (...)

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Pias Rural


A space of learning and

dialogue between generations,

in which Memory is given

priority (...)


Museu do Relógio / Clock Museum

A special space, the only one in the Iberian Peninsula and one of five museums worldwide dedicated to this theme (...)

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Vila Nova de S. Bento Arts Centre

located in the Vila Nova de S. Bento Parish Council building, offers culture-related objects and services in four areas  (...)



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