Each folk dance group or choir in the municipality of Serpa has one rehearsal per month that is open to the public for a closer contact with the Alentejo’s Cante, an experience you will certainly not forget!

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© Shortfuse



results of the Municipality’s desire to expand the offer of events related to the Cante Alentejano, so that - in addition to the public performances in specific affairs - visitors and tourists can enjoy the Cante abundantly and regularly, in all parishes and on average 13 days a month. There was a constant demand on the part of those who visit us, which, combined with the willingness and readiness of the municipality's folk dance groups and choirs to open their doors and receive visitors, enabled the programming of the open rehearsals we call the Rota do Cante (the Cante Route).

For more information, please visit Casa do Cante's Facebook page, where Rota do Cante’s monthly calendar is published at the beginning of each month and a reminder is posted on the day of each event.

You can also check the current program here:

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