Serpa is a municipality with a strong identity, born of a diversified set of vectors among which stand out its history, the cultural/rural landscape, the heritage, its people and the culture they create. The local products, the gastronomy and the Alentejo cante are some of the highlights of that identity.

The Cante, Heritage of Humanity

To listen to the Cante is a unique and intense experience that one does not forget. Those who come to Serpa can experience (...)

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Olive Oil

In the municipality of Serpa, the importance of the olive grove culture is visible, in a landscape that is the living expression of the coexistence of both (...)

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The Cheese

One of the most emblematic products of the Alentejo and has ancestral roots in the region. The people of the Baixo Alentejo expertly protected the secrets (...)

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The traditional Alentejo gastronomy resorts to great creativity to, according to the seasons, mix simple ingredients to create tasty and (...)


The Wine

One of the highest values of the Alentejo and has an ancient history in the region, that it became part of the local communities’ routine (...)

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